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Our Services


Marketing Plans

Previous to any execution, marketing plans comes first. Good plans are active & operational ones not depending on one single instrument or device. Plan distinguishing the competitors, spotting the proper target group, grasping the core campaign message, assembling the activities into a rational and coherent time sequence.


Strategic Consultancy

Strategic thinking prerequisites are high level of deductive and speculative thinking, years of proficient experience, skilful situation analysis, long term vision and calculated consequences.. Only with these prerequisites can obtain sound strategic consultancy. This service will also identify the right candidate for the positions especially senior ones.


Public Relations

Public and media relations are all about generating positive image and advocacy for a brand, company or even individual. A set of tools like press releases, round tables, media audits, press conferences, media visits and media interviews will materialize in masses of positive advocacy and coverage.


Crisis Management

Every individual and/or institution is predisposed to face an issue, a crisis or any damage threat to its reputation and operation. Crisis management is about preparing manuals pre crisis, handling crisis timely and efficiently and evaluation the process upon recovery. For that corporate positioning & message development, media communication, market intelligence and lobbying are needed.


Copy writing and content Development

Translation from English to Arabic and vice versa, creative copy writing for magazines, newsletters and creative campaign enhanced by high quality editing and meaning accomplishment


Visual Communication

Designs , creative campaigns, logo development, full corporate identity, new packaging, full stationary, outdoor signage .Always selecting the proper colors, dimensions, outlines , images and ideas to deliver design art forms to engage the maximum number of audiences.


Social Media Support

Social media today is the new publicity tool, it is the citizenship journalism, a social media circulation can be organic and never ending. Social bundle creation, management and moderation, feeding in the correct messaging is key to social media success.


Printing and Production

Printing and production are the end execution step of every strategy turned into an idea, turned to creative turned to design. Therefore flawless production quality by means of the best print houses in Egypt is only allowed to mirror the hard work behind every collateral item.



Direct marketing and events are the straight forward and shortest way to meet the client. This event meeting can take place in a Hotel, a garden, on a plane, in a movie theatre or even on a remote farm. The event X success factor is about the selection of the venue, the date, the guest composition and the beautiful and engaging decoration and finally the event content.

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